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Elena Bondar

  • Visual narrative artist, author and educator.
  • Textile designer
  • Founder of ”ELLUNHUOPA”
  • Felt maker from Finland

I was born in the Ural Mountains near Ekaterinburg, Russia. I spent a happy childhood with my family and friends. My first teachers were my mother and grandmother, who inspire for needlework and taught me the basic techniques of sewing and embroidery.

Then I studied at the art school in the city of Novouralsk. There I learned the art of drawing and modeling.

But before art became my main occupation, I was a professional athlete.


  • Winner of the Russian ski-orienteering competitions
  • Winner of the Rogaining European Championship 2009 in Finland, Ylläs
  • Competitor of the World Ski-Orienteering Championships. Ski-WOC 2009 in Rusutsu, Japan
  • Participant of the Adventure Racing World Series in South Africa, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey

After 10 years of sports career I moved to Finland. Here I met the wool and learned wool felting technique. I was immediately taken to the opportunity that wool provides for mee. With this material, I could combine in my artwork all the knowledge of drawing and modeling, which had previously. I’ve been doing custom wool paintings since 2010.

After many years of enthusiastic work, I discovered many interesting properties of felt and I can gladly offer high-quality products for my customers.

Right away I work in my home studio located in Kuopio, Finland. Also I keep workshops and online classes for my students in Finland and internationally.
Lately, I have focused on wool paintings of a visual narrative art, what inspired me in the first place.
My heart is as closely connected to nature and ecological material as possible. I hope to inspire you by the beauty of the Earth.

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Contact me directly for custom order questions!I am always happy to help.

I do my work to make your life more beautiful!

100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive

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