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I am very pleased that you are interested in my work and you’d like to own a piece of my art. That custom works are presented here for an example. I’ll be happy to create from natural sheep wool pet brooch, portraits, miniature or pillow just for you.

I am very grateful for your trust and I try to capture the real appearance of the pet, it’s character and soul for your happiness! If you love your furbabies, this is a great way to memorialize them!

The felt crafted items does not require special care, just dry clean it. They are very light and cute, and they feel warm and soft.

All my felted crafts will be well packed before dispatch to the address you specify when ordering.

For making the order I need usually 3-6 weeks. Take care of gifts in advance! When the felt work is ready I will send photo to your before shiping.

You can make an order via my on-line store. Choose an option and size available:

Felt brooch


This is a jewelry gift for the dog, horse or cat owner from a pet photo. It can be an unforgettable gift for animal lovers. This unique jewelry can be kept near to the heart in memory of beloved pet.

Dimensions: Felt brooch size is normally about 2″ length and 2.8″ width (5x7cm) – 195€

Note: For making brooch I need some good quality photos from different angles!

Custom pet portrait sculpture

This is not just a toy, this is a piece of art that keeps a part of your pet’s soul. This miniature can be a pleasant memory of your favorite. I will be attentive to every detail of my creation. I will show you pictures of my work and you can make adjustments before I ship out to you.

Dimensions: Felt pet miniature size is

  • small – about 3.9″ x 5.9″ (10 x 15cm) – 280€
  • medium – about 5.9″ x 9.8″ (15 x 25cm) – 365€.

Note: For making brooch I need some good quality photos from different angles!

Pet portraits, Custom framed pet art

This custom portrait can be created from a photo of your dog, cat, horse or any other animal of your wish. This is a great decoration for an interior look. Creating pet portraits is a great pleasure for me. I will be very attentive to every detail that you will satisfied with your purchase.

Pet portrait is available in different variations:

  • Felt pet portrait in round frame Ø 5.5″ (14 cm) stretched linen canvas – 250€
  • Felt pet portrait in round frame Ø 9″ (23 cm) stretched linen canvas – 305€

I do my needle felting painting on a thick basis of wool, which I prepare myself for each order. On the back side of the painting will be place a loops, using them you can easy hang it up on the place you wish. ​In this embodiment, I can make the background of any color for the picture.

  • small – 11.8″ x 11.8″ (30 x 30 cm) – 415€
  • medium – 15.7″ x 15.7″ (40 x 40 cm) – 530€
  • multiple (two) pets on one pic – 23.6″ x 19.6″ (60 x 50 cm) – 700€

A good quality photograph is required for painting. The clearer the photograph helps a good result!

I can make multiple (more than two) pets per painting for an additional cost! Tell me if you would like to add an additional decor to the painting.

Custom Pet Portrait Pillow

This felted pillow will warm up any room with a very own pet portrait. I try to capture the real appearance of the pet, its character and soul for your happiness. Because I am felting the pillowcase myself I can make the background for pet portrait of any color on your choice. Custom Pet Portraits made with unbelievable detailing!

Wash wool pillow gentle by hand.


  • one pet portrait on the pillow – 17.7″ x 17.7″ (45 x 45 cm) – 385€

Note! Keep in mind these prices are for on pet per item. It is possible for me to do multiple pets in one item at an additional cost.

Get a custom portrait of your pet or miniature with my simple ordering process >>

If you’d like to order something that isn’t listed up there, please email me info(@)

I do my work to make your life more beautiful!

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