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About Course

Want to learn to felt? Would you like to know how to get the right size mittens and hats? Do you already know how to felt, but you are not satisfied with the quality of the felt fabric? How to felt decorative patterns to make them durable? You will get answers to these questions and learn much more with the Ellunhuopa online course.


What does the felting course include?

Here you will learn the basics of felting, learn, and reinforce the different techniques of felting, learn how to build a basic hat pattern and change it to get different shapes you want. You will learn to make headwear of all sizes. We also discuss the choice of materials. I show my way to arrange fibers - a stable still life. You will learn how to felt a three-dimensional product, as well as experience working with a felting needle. You can make your own felt hat, as well as decorate it with a picture.

Felting has a therapeutic effect that calms, giving a peaceful feeling of well-being to oneself. In the online course, I will tell you more about the many uses of wool. We go through the different techniques and methods of felting. With these tips, you are sure to go far! I want to teach you to understand the main points of felting that greatly affect the outcome. Technology - the foundation for everything! Once you master the basic techniques, as well as you have learned in practice, there is no limit to what you could not do.

Who is this course for:

  • For professionals who want to improve their felting technology, raise the quality of their felt products.
  • For beginners to spend a nice moment, give the opportunity to make a gift for loved ones.
  • For anyone who wants to delve into felting and develop themselves in felting.
  • For those who want to make creative gifts on their own.
  • For those who have free time and for those who want to learn to felt as a hobby.
  • For enthusiasts today who want to be better than yesterday.

Why I run courses and who I am:

I have been practicing felting for many years. I attended various courses and am constantly learning new things to improve my performance more and more. I think over the years I have accumulated quite a lot of information that would be useful to others as well. I want to improve the world in every way and one of them - to make people felt.

Why online?

It is convenient:

  • You are free to choose when and for how long you train and felt
  • The Ellunhuopa online course can be studied anywhere. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone to access the internet.
  • You can never be late
  • You work in a familiar environment and you don’t have to go anywhere
  • No special computer skills are required
  • The training materials are at your disposal for 6 months

When do we start?

The online course opens immediately after payment and is available for one year.

Course program:

During the course you will learn how to make different hats, as well as use a wide variety of wool types and tools. We practice laying out wool fibers to get a stable felt fabric. We will talk about the criteria for the finished felt and how to determine their quality, how to take the right dimensions from the hat, and how to build different formulas. Felt hats with a pattern and make headwear that lasts for years. You will learn to make fine-grained ornaments using needle felting techniques, using different shapes. Learn how to finish a blanket to make your images look and feel durable. In addition to the headwear, you will also receive a lesson in felting.

  • You can get the formula for the hat and mittens to download.
  • You will learn how to make a mold for a hat if you are not ready.
  • In addition to sheep wool, you will learn to use other decorative fibers such as sheep curls, dog hair, viscose.

You get video lessons, as well as assignments that you are free to do yourself. You can take the course at your own pace!

The main goal - to learn the basic techniques of felting by making a felt hat with a decorative image.

Yhdessä ollaan vahvempia!

Webinaarit vuonna 2022-2023 pidetään keskiviikkoisin: 5.10; 2.11; 7.12; 4.1; 1.2; 1.3; 5.4; 3.5; 7.6, klo. 18.30 – 20.00. Webinaarista tulee tallenne, jonka voit katsoa sinulle sopivana aikana. Siitä lähetän tiedot s-postiisi erikseen. Suosittelen kuitenkin olemaan läsnä webinaarissa, koska tapaamme toisemme ja jaamme kuulumisia ja opimme myös toisiltamme. Voitte kirjoittaa kysymyksiä etukäteen, vastaan teille suorassa lähetyksessä. Huovutuksen huuma ja tunnelma! Sitä ei kannata missata! Siksi yrittää olla paikalla. Webinaarit järjestetään Zoom-alustalla.

Opiskelijoiden tapaaminen Ellunhuopa pajalla 12-13.8.2023

Minun tuki ja turva on kanssasi koko matkan!

💥 Vielä yksi hyvä uutinen tuleville opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat olla samanhenkisiin ihmisiin ja lämpimään ilmapiirimme! Nyt voitte liittyä HUOVUTTAJAT KLUBIIN. Siellä huovutuksen huuma ja tunnelma on kohdallaan! Klubin jäsenellä pystyt ajan tasalla huopamaailman trendeissä!


💚 Tutki oman luovuuteen ja hyvinvointiin Ellun kanssa 💚

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What Will You Learn?

  • you will get the basics of felting
  • you will learn, as well as reinforce the different techniques of felting
  • you will learn to build a basic hat pattern and change it to get different shapes you want
  • you will learn to make headwear of all sizes
  • we also discuss the choice of materials
  • I show my way of arranging fibers - a stable still life
  • you will learn how to felt a three-dimensional product, as well as experience working with a felting needle
  • you get to make your own felt hat, as well as decorate it with a picture

Course Content


  • Materials and accessories

How a felt hat is born

Making gloves

Various felt hats


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