Welcome to my felted world!

My name is Elena Bondar. I am a textile designer and felt maker from Finland working from my home studio. Earlier, I was professionally engaged in drawing, and since 2011 I have become enthusiastically felting wool in various ways. I love wet felting and needle felting too. In my products I combine techniques from other types of handcrafts.

Now I am happy to offer you luxury felt and leather works.

Wool is fun and fantastic natural self-cleaning characteristic material to craft with and there is so much you can make!

I am enjoying in a process of designing and making perfect product for each one of you. I create highly detailed pet portraits and miniature from wool using your own photograph.

I will do all I can to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. Even if you live far away from me, It’s not a problem, I do worldwide shipping.

Please visit my very own store>> you will see all the beautiful things I can do for you!

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I do my work to make your life more beautiful!

100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive

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One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Elaine,
    \I saw a very good video on felt stones and I have gone through hundreds of youtube videos trying to understand the concept, but yours was the best site even when it is in Finnish. I would like to work with you to empower a group of poor girls in Nairobi to teach them an art then can do to earn a living. Is it OK if I use the videos for learning? I will ocassionally be asking you questions, for example, how long does it take to dry the small stones you are making? How do you dry them? Can I use other felted material like my old cardigans for the inside ball ( you and some tiny lovely hands were using balls of cream/off yellow wool but these girls may not afford that, so can we subsititute with old wool stuff? I have many questions, and will much appreciate answers from you.

    I come from Kenya and am an editor. I just want to help others to earn a decent living and I also am interested in the craft.

    God bless you for sharing. You will never know how many lives you are changing with your videos. And i thank you on behalf of everyone who is learning from you.


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