Secrets of felted footwear. Slippers. Online course

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During the course you will learn how to felt slippers, in addition I will show you how to needle felt patterns on slippers and sew insoles on them.

I will show all the intermediate steps in detail. You will see the handy tools I use and the methods that work.

It's nice to work with clear video instructions. A good quality video contains a lot of learning material. To save your time, I made it mostly fast-paced. In addition, the online training “Secrets of Felt Footwear” includes ready-made formulas and photographic instructions and texts.

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I have been felting slippers and blankets for many years and always the quality and appearance of the products have been extremely important to me. Nice to get positive feedback from satisfied customers. I know that felted items can be beautiful and last for years if they are made carefully.

The aim of the course

The aim of the course is to give students the opportunity to make felted slippers in a familiar environment and at a time that suits them, as well as to provide support for course participants.

In the online course, I will tell you how to make good-looking and durable footwear, decorate it with a picture and sew insoles on it. I will share my own methods and habits in this course.

Content of the course

The course consists of five parts:

  • Part 1. Instructions for measurement

  • Part 2. Materials and tools

  • Part 3. Laying the wool. Felting & felting steps

  • Part 4. Felting images into slippers using the needle felting technique

  • Part 5. Sewing insoles

Online training is for everyone

This felting course can be started by anyone, regardless of age or gender. However, it should be borne in mind that felting slippers requires physical work and concentration.

Why online?

It is convenient:

  • You are free to choose when and for how long you train and felt

  • The Ellunhuopa online course can be studied anywhere. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone to access the internet.

  • You can never be late

  • You work in a familiar environment and you don’t have to go anywhere

  • No special computer skills are required

  • The training materials are at your disposal for 1 year

Felting is an eco-friendly hobby and you don't have to be lonely!

Presentation of felt products that were born in ELLUNHUOPA training >>

💥 Vielä yksi hyvä uutinen tuleville opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat olla samanhenkisiin ihmisiin ja lämpimään ilmapiirimme! Nyt voitte liittyä HUOVUTTAJAT KLUBIIN. Siellä huovutuksen huuma ja tunnelma on kohdallaan! Klubin jäsenellä pystyt ajan tasalla huopamaailman trendeissä!



💚 Tutki oman luovuuteen ja hyvinvointiin Ellun kanssa 💚

All questions related to invoicing can be asked by phone +348458889266 or by e-mail:

 🌟 NOTE! The course is intended for private use, not for public distribution, and not as teaching material.

Why I organize courses

I am an artist named Ellu Bondar, the one who has been practicing felting since 2009. I am constantly developing my skills to improve my performance more and more. I make products using wet felting, needle felting and other techniques. I make felt boards, scale models, clothes, felt slippers and jewelry, etc.… I organize felting courses in Finland and abroad. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a lot of information that would be useful to others as well. With me, you will learn felting quickly, as well as extensively. Once you master the techniques as well as you have learned in practice, there is no limit to what you could not do.

A gallery of felt products with works done according to the ELLUNHUOPA guide

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Pirkko Siekkinen
Pirkko Siekkinen
October 10, 2018 7:40 pm

Very good, easy to follow video. Comprehensive description of wool layout and its behavior.
I highly recommend if you are interested in recovering unworked wool.