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Would you like to be a felting professional?

I have created an awesome felting school that will serve as a stepping stone for you as a felting professional. While studying, you will learn both the basics as well as really in-depth knowledge of the world of felting. During this School, you will become fully acquainted with wool and learn to use it efficiently and professionally. Fear is not given to fear, but your learning journey is made clear, easy, motivating and informative.

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Learning new is always a process. This training can change what you believe in yourself.

Why is this training just for you?

You’ve probably noticed that individual advice can be found sprinkled in many places. In that flood of knowledge and application of advice, you will take time, and you may even “drown in the amount of knowledge”. However, there is nothing concrete and there is no expert to ask. Your time is on the card and frustration can show signs.

But at this school, advice and help are close. Everything is done consistently, and so that everyone learns. Studying at my school saves you time and allows you to do your favorite things right away.

I’ll give you a clear step-by-step algorithm that you can’t get lost in. With clear instructions, you will save time and your enthusiasm for the work will grow.

Opettajana teillä toimii alan ammattilainen, jolla on valtava kokemus. Minä haluan jakaa toimivat ja kehitetyt työskentelymenetelmät juuri sinun kanssasi.

In the transformation of yourself, you will never return to the former, but you will gain tremendous knowledge and skill. You get to shine with your own work.

In 10 years of training, you will realize e.g. the following things:

  • You will learn about the materials and wool to make your job desired. You know where and how to choose them.
  • You will gain an amazing knowledge of tools that will make your job much easier
  • You’ll find a solution to use the space, you don’t need a studio and you can get started easily
  • You will learn how to handle wool and how to make use of decorative fibers, as well as the secrets of fiber layout
  • Felt fabric quality criteria
  • Processing of raw wool, washing and carding of wool
  • How colors can be applied and used at work
  • You will understand how to make a thin descending fabric
  • You will understand how wool can be made really great and spectacular
  • What are the typical errors in the work process and how to avoid them
  • Are there holes easily when felting or is the desired shape missing
  • You want to know what the percentage of wool shrinks and how you understand it is shrinking enough
  • Felting of various surfaces
  • Formula felting e.g. laptop bag, pillowcase
  • You make a thin scarf

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This is the perfect step to success. Once you understand these basics, you will also enjoy this hobby that can turn into a job for you. I still teach

  • How you felt about your first job
  • How to make a stylish product for yourself or to order for a customer.
  • How to apply felting work to different products
  • How to weed out the uncertainty and enjoy the process.

Are you still afraid you won't succeed?

You will succeed here because you will be surprised at the way I have created the training just for you. Because I have created the training materials:

  • Text
  • Instructional videos
  • Pictures
  • Pdf instructions

This training is the foundation of everything. For beginners as well as those who have done this but want to delve deeper and find tools for hard work.

You may be wondering who this school is for:

  • For professionals who want to improve their felting technology, raise the quality of their felt products.
  • For beginners to spend a nice moment, giving opportunities to make gifts for loved ones.
  • For anyone who wants to delve into felting and develop themselves in felting.
  • For those who want to make creative gifts on their own.
  • For those who have free time and for those who want to learn to felt as a hobby or even for work
  • For enthusiasts today who want to be better than yesterday.

Study takes place online, so you can attend the course from anywhere. This will allow you a lot.

It is convenient:

  • You are free to choose when and for how long you train and felt
  • All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone to access the internet.
  • You can never come late for an hour.
  • You work in a familiar environment and don’t have to go anywhere.
  • No special computer skills are required.

I still want to tell you who I am

I am an artist named Ellu Bondar, the one who has been practicing felting since 2009. I am constantly developing my skills to improve my performance more and more. I make   products   using wet felting, needle felting and other techniques. I make felt boards, scale models, clothes, felt slippers and jewelry, etc.… I have organized felting courses in Finland and abroad. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a lot of information that would be useful to others as well. At my school, you learn felting quickly, as well as extensively. Once you master the techniques as well as you have learned in practice, there is no limit to what you could not do.

The course materials are published once a week, there is a 10 week study material. Which you can run at your own pace for 1 year. 

Note. The training materials are at your disposal for 1 year.

Course assignments do not take much time! I fully understand that you have other things in life besides felting. However, if you practice regularly, you will learn better and with better quality. You will receive the first lesson immediately after payment. After that, you’ll receive new learning material in your email every week, so you have enough time to learn.

This is your unique opportunity to come and start doing it. I want you to internalize the following:

This is the foundation of felters that I want everyone to learn and do.

You can read the participants' work and feedback:

I promise you that training will be the Big WOOOU. You know I'm doing what I promise!

Kaikki laskutuksen liittyvät kysymykset voi esittää puh +358458889266 tai s-postiini:

You do not need to have wool or similar material before you start training. Be at ease. You will receive a lesson where I will tell you about wool for wet felting and other decorative fibers. Good and real materials are comfortable to felt and you will succeed with them. In addition, I will give tips on where the materials could be purchased.


🌟 NOTE! The course is intended for private use, not for public distribution, and not as teaching material.

The couple describes my student’s work from my course

Feedback from the course from other students


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