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käsityö, made in finland, tehty suomessa, yrilys, suomi, finland, hand made finland, art, taide, suomen taide Welcome to my felted world!

I am an artist based in Finland, my name is Ellu.
One of my favorite materials to work is felt. Wool is fun and fantastic natural self-cleaning characteristic material to craft with and there is so much you can make! I am enjoying in a process of designing and making perfect product for each of you.
We provide a luxury felt works with high quality, 100% handmade, ECOline, exclusive


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I made needle felt work as well and have over 6 years experience. I am happy to make any animal of your choice. I am able to handmade from wool pet portraits and miniature using your own photograph.
Even if you live far away from me, it’s not a problem, because I can do worldwide shipping.
Ordering could’t be easier
✔ Look through the sculpture or portrait/painting.
✔ Choose from the sizes available or request a size of your choice.
✔ Contact me either via the contact-form or email me on info(at)
You can visit my online store for pet sculpture, pet portrait or pet brooch.
I know how you care about your pet, so I want my work to be very similar to it. I do have a waiting list, which is currently a 3-4 weeks. When the felt work is ready I will send photo for you.

I also like working with my customers on new and different ideas.

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Email is brilliant way to contact me and ask any questions.


nettikauppa, ellunhuopa, tila lahja netista, elämäsi lahjat lukuisiin unelmiin

Enjoy the freedom to make your own choices!

Welcome to my YouTube Channel!


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I will do all I can to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

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