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I am an artist, living in Finland. My name is Elena BondarOne of my favorite materials to work with is felt.  Wool is fun and fantastic natural self-cleaning characteristic material to craft from and there is so much you can do! I am enjoying the process of designing and making perfect product for each one of you. I am able to handmade from wool pet portraits and miniature using your own photograph. A good quality photograph is required for painting and for miniature. The clearer the photograph, the more it helps to guarantee a good result. I try to capture the real appearance, character and soul of your pet in order for you to be more happier with the end result. I have experience with felting since 2011. You can see all the feedbacks in this link below.

Pet portrait 

I do my needle felting painting on a thick basis of wool, which I prepare myself for each order. This wool painting does not need a frame. On the back side of the painting will be placed stick, hooks come in a package, using them you can hang it up on the wall. ​I need one high quality photo of your pet​!!! Note that the processing time is usually 3-4 weeks.

 This felt painting does not require special care, dry clean it.

Needle Felted Wool Painting

– Size: approx 20X20 cm (7.8×7.8 in) – Handmade item – Materials: sheep wool 100% – Shipping Included


Needle Felting Wool Painting

– Size: approx ​40X40 cm (15.7×15.7 in) – Handmade item – Materials: sheep wool 100% – Shipping Included


Needle Felted Wool Painting

– Size: approx 60X60cm (23.6×23.6 in) – Handmade item – Materials: sheep wool 100% – Shipping Included


You can do multiple pets per painting for an additional cost! If you’d like to order something that in’t listed up there, please email me info [at]

Contact me directly for custom order questions! I am always happy to help.

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I do my work to make your life more beautiful!

100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive

Elena Bondar

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