Postcard ”Forest keeper”

Art Postcards. Ellunhuopa postcards features a wool painting. The original piece was made of sheep’s wool.

This postcard belongs to a series of four cards. Buy 1pc or the whole series.

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The theme of this picture was inspired by the surrounding landscapes. The Great Bear King is the leader of all forest animals. It is a spirit that guardes the forest and keeps the intruders away. Forest welfare is partly dependent on the bear.

Do you believe that you could encounter the Great Bear hiding in forests and lakes?

Postcards describe northern nature with great love. In this art work, much attention was paid to the details of the forest and its beauty. Realistic, but at the same time a bit fairytale-like works are full of love for nature and life. Postcards are printed with a fully chemical-free printing plate production and Bio-colors.

All designs are original and copyrighted by Ellu Bondar and Ellunhuopa.

The paper on the postcards has a very beautiful matte structure.

Please note that the colors displayed on your computer monitor might differ slightly from the actual colors in the print.

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Paino 0,02 g (gramma)
Mitat 14,8 × 10,5 cm (senttimetri)

1pc, 4pc


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