Wool Painting ”Friends” (sold)

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This original painting is made from 100% sheep’s wool by my hand. The painting is nicely framed with the old wood frame.

Dimension: 23,62 X 15,74 X 1,18 inches

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The moon is far and looks cold. In addition to the Moon, there are a few ghostly facts that awaken thoughts.

Do we know the whole truth about the moon?

What if the Moon is quite different! Can we even try to get closer to her and get to know the moon better?

What if we don’t see everything from Earth?! The moon is the lantern of heaven. It illuminates the starry sky and the night clouds. The moon has a great influence on people.

I, at least, will try to make friends with her.

I do my work to make your life more beautiful!

100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive

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Paino 1200 g (gramma)
Mitat 80 × 3 × 60 cm (senttimetri)