Craftsmen - Felt artist Ellu Bondar. Results from 2019

Results for 2017-2019:

 I made about 1000 felt hats
 manufacturer.50pcs felt boards
 felted about 25 pairs of shoes
 I made about 15 felt garments
 I sewed about 35 fur products
 I did about 75 pieces of leather work
 I wrote a book “A Guide to Wool Drawing. Needle felted board ”
 I prepared 3 online courses
 organizer 10 courses, which included 150 lessons
 I attended a 6th handicraft event
 integrator online shopping to my own website
 I got organized exhibition in Kuopio
 completed training in 15 online courses (felting, marketing, finance, branding, personal growth)
 I sold about 100 of my own books
 I served more than 500 satisfied customers


This year I did it for the first time:

👍 participated in the Wonderful Magazine “Craftsman of the Year” competition and became the 10 finalists
👍 I made a website in two languages ( 🇫🇮 🇺🇸)
👍 I got my own studio
👍 I bought a tractor and drove it
👍 I held felting courses under the auspices of the Citizens' College
👍 i went with a hare passport with my own dog
👍 I collected 16 heaps of blueberries
👍 I went hunting for a bird walk from my own home
👍 dryer herbs for winter in your yard
👍 I visited the Finnish theater for the first time
👍 their own forest was cleared
👍 I celebrated Christmas in my new home
👍 I wrote 2020 goals. I don’t like plans to reveal too early. All I'm saying is that it's going to be a hot year 🥳

Heippa 2019!

I’ve been working hard this year and I’ve gotten a lot done, but on some topics I’ve mumbled 🧐.


💩 I haven't done any live felting lessons in Finland, even though I was planning
💩 I didn't try to finish the "Golden hour" felt board
💩 I didn’t feel the strength to go south to pull the felting courses
💩 I didn't try to sew my husband's beaver gloves
💩 and I was not yet able to buy curtains for my own home
💩 I haven't made any felting instruction videos on YouTube
💩 writing blogs I was pretty miserable
💩 I still make typos in the texts

Well… I'll try to fix things next year. Tomorrow is better than yesterday!


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