The Gifts of Your Life to Numerous Dreams

Our environment shapes us and affects our quality of life. I'm a felt artist Ellu Bondar and emotions and feelings are important to me in life. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Emotions arise from what we see, experience, and hear. With my products, I give people the opportunity to be closer to nature, where everything is in balance. Nature demands nothing from you, in nature you can be free, yourself, just the way you are. Nature is our home, the forest is our mother who loves us infinitely and purely.

I use natural materials in my work. My products are timeless. I know you can use my products for years and you will feel happy with them.

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The best gift is created by thinking about the recipient of the gift

My products can be the best gifts. The recipient will surely be delighted to receive a gift that reflects his or her personality or hobby. ELLUNHUOPA makes the product according to your wishes, for example with the help of a photo of your pet's own wall painting. The giver of the gift also gets a good mood when he realizes how pleasing the gift is to the recipient. I can offer unique gifts for business associates, perfect gifts for friends, cute gifts for the likes and toys for kids.

Please select the most appropriate option below, or visit

Felt board from the photo I’m sure at some point you’ve been annoyed that time is going far too fast. It doesn't ask
Keskimaan Kissat
Over the years I have made these lovely miniature pets and brooches, I have gotten to know wonderful people and animals. These
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An elegant robe or vest is suitable for both formal and casual wear. It brings elegance to your outfit!
I make a variety of high quality felt hats for men, women and children to order. Hats can be ordered by contacting us by email.
Warm adult felt shoes with a rubber sole, baby slippers for christening parties, felt slippers for indoor use. I make to order.
I make a variety of hats, bags and mittens from pre-tanned leather.

I make products according to your wishes. I accept new orders about 6 times a year. I will inform in the newsletter and social media (Facebook, Instagram) the date and time the orders will be opened. If you have any questions or other ideas, feel free to post a message to my e-mail: info (at) ellunhuopa.com, or ask for more information right away in the chat by clicking the icon at the bottom right or by calling 0458889266.

Would you like to learn felting, but don't know how to get started?

I will be happy to help you (felting ideas, instructions and templates).

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February 4, 2022 9:54 am

Thanks for the absolutely lovely, gorgeous, cute fox poster I received in the mail today. 🦊💖

January 13, 2021 3:31 pm


I didn't figure out how to needle felt a board. Owl could order a course?

heljä saloranta
Heljä Saloranta
September 30, 2019 7:57 pm


I really fell in love with your great work.
I would like a 60 * 60 painting of my own picture of a dog.
How to work ??

yst.terv Heljä