Huopataulu ”Kaverit” (myyty)

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🎨 Wool painting with wet felting and needle felting technique.

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The moon is far away and looks cold. In addition, there are a few ghostly facts associated with the Moon that evoke thoughts.

Do we all know about him, what he really is? 

What if the Moon is completely different! One can even try to get closer to him and get to know the moon better.

What if he’s not at all what he looks like on Earth.

The moon is the lantern of heaven. It illuminates the starry sky and night clouds.

At least I'm trying to make friends with him.

  • Taulun koko 83 x 63 cm.
  • Huopamaalauksen koko 44 x 63 cm.
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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 80 × 3 × 60 cm