Huopataulu ”Vuoret ovat vallan vartijoita” (myyty)

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The walls of the home can be decorated with beautiful and warm felting. With Ellun blankets, your home will be warmer and more comfortable.

Unique wool painting with wet and needle felting technique. The frames are made of gray board, which still makes it just more special.

The mountains are the guards of power

A truly stunning and unique wool board that will create a precious, cozy, and warm atmosphere in your home.

🎨 Felted using durable techniques using both wet and needle felting.
The board has beautiful frames made of gray board.

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The mountains are the guards of power

The mountains have power and can give it back to you if you are ready to receive it. I think you know this feeling of freedom, fullness and power that you feel when you are in the mountains. You know this feeling as if you have met yourself. This is exactly it! The mountains store strength and energy for development. The mountains are places of power. The mountains have carefully maintained this power for you for thousands of years. You don’t have to be in the mountains to get that power. You can imagine mountains and breathe this same energy.

Don’t forget to thank the mountains for this gift.

A painting that took time and has magic

Create a home atmosphere with this board that will make your apartment cozy, and a little more special!

Art invigorates, comforts, delights… The colors of wool last for decades, so this handmade painting retains its value perfectly. The painting is suitable for a wide variety of homes and works great as a slightly unique gift. This felt board arouses a lot of interest in the closeness of nature and the beauty of the world.

The felt board does not require any special care, it is enough as long as you remember to wipe the dust!

  • Taulun koko 50 x 77 cm.
  • Felt painting size 40 x 67 cm.

When placing a felt board, it is important to remember that direct sunlight and moisture are harmful to the materials on the board. Therefore, wool painting, like other drawn paintings, should never be placed opposite a window, in a damp room or directly on top of a radiator.

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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 80 × 5 × 60 cm