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This felting needle is really thin and strong.

Se on korvaamaton kolmiulotteisissa töissä sekä pienissä ja tarkoissa kuvioiden tekemisessä.

With the right use will serve for a long time!

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I often hear from felters that they fail to make small details in their own felting work. The problem occurs in both felt drawing and 3D felting. It is true that by learning you learn, especially in the art of felting. But the needle also has a big impact on what kind of mark comes on.

There are different sizes of felting needles:

If you use a thick needle and want to get the perfect little details out of it, I want to tell you: it’s not possible. Not even me can do it. A thick needle doesn’t go deep into the felt, and when you force it to get things done with it, it only worsens the end result and ruins your work completely. As a comparison to the previous one, I could use: it would be the same as if you were eating soup with a shovel.

A good and high-quality tool will help you in your work.

Many years ago I was looking for a felting needle that was right for me. To make it perfect for my work, I tried many needles. I tried and found out what is best for me. I found one that allows me to do exactly what I want and how I want - that behaves like a magic wand in my hands. At the same time, I wanted to offer these to others to make their job easier and help them reach the top end result.

  • Felt needle fine

  • length 7.8cm

  • 15x18x40x3

The video makes felting much easier.



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Weight 0,3 g
Dimensions 7,8 cm

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