Felt clothes washing instructions

Wool products should be washed with care at most
To 40 ° C in water. The detergent should be neutral, or a special detergent suitable for wool.
Never dry wool clothes in a tumble dryer, as hot air / water will shrink the wool.
1. Add detergent to lukewarm (30-40 ° C) water, allow to dissolve.
2. Then immerse the garment in washing water and allow it to absorb enough water. Wash clothing by gently squeezing, do not twist, and do not lift the clothing as it may stretch.
3. Rinse clothes in lukewarm, evenly heated water until the rinsing water is clear - remember to handle carefully!
4. Add fabric softener to the last rinse water and leave it on for a while. Squeeze the water out of the garment, do not twist the garment.
5. Lift the garment over a thick terry towel, straighten it to its original shape and size. Roll the towel with your clothes on the roll - press gently. This allows too much water to be absorbed into the towel. Put the garment back on a dry towel, allow it to dry at room temperature - turn the garment to speed drying. 


  • Bleaching prohibited
  • Tumble drying is prohibited
  • Do not dry clean

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Leather care instructions

It is necessary to regularly use a cleanser, treatment and protection agent at least 2 times a year to better preserve the beauty and softness of the skin.

In addition, the conditioner prevents the absorption of dirt, stains and hair grease into the skin as well as

excessive wear.

If the leather gets too dry, there is a risk of flaking and cracking of the leather surface. The leather surface can be treated with, for example, base wax or shoe wax. The removal of sweat, grease, etc. is done with a degreasing agent, which also provides excellent protection against water-, grease-, oil- and alcohol-based stains.

NOTE! Be careful when handling drawn images. Using too much material will damage them!

This product comes with a two-year warranty on the Ellun blanket.

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Fur products maintenance instructions

Natural fur is a durable, natural, ecological and recyclable material. Majava fur can be used to make clothes that are suitable for the Finnish environment. It withstands rain, wind and gusts. Due to its use properties, fur is well suited for everyday use.

Treat properly and use for a long time

Fur products do not need much care. Natural fur should be dried immediately, avoid drying on a radiator or oven. The hat is hung on the model head or on a clothesline. Store the fur in a cool place and protected from light, for example in a cardboard box. You can turn the hat upside down so that the hair stays inside.

Protection of natural fur from pests

When you put fur products in long storage, you can put fragrant lavender with furs. There are good ingredients in the vicinity to protect furs from pests. You can use many strongly fragrant plants such as bog, lavender, cloves or bay leaves.

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Felt shoe care instructions

Ecological wool has been used in the production of felt shoes. In felt shoes, wool is hand-treated into a sturdy fabric. Wool has been used in the manufacture of shoes for hundreds of years and is still a popular material today. Wool naturally repels dirt, so it does not require special maintenance. However, I will give you a few tips. You can remove small dirt by dry cleaning, for example by wiping with a brush. I only recommend wet washing if there is a lot of dirt. Wash gently by hand with warm water. (about 30 degrees) Use a detergent suitable for wool. Rinsing is also done with hand-warm water. Using hot water as well as hard rubbing will cause the shoes to shrink. Wool should not be washed with aggressive detergents or bleaches. After washing, straighten the felt shoes and recommend filling them with paper or newspaper. It is worth doing so that the felt shoes do not shrink. It is a good idea to dry your shoes in a place where the air circulates and the sun does not shine directly on the shoes.

This product comes with a one year warranty.

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