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Circular embroidery frame:
⌀14cm – hinta: 580€
⌀23cm – hinta: 690€

Square board:
30cm x 30cm – hinta: 910€
40cm x 40cm – hinta: 1140€
60cm x 50cm – hinta: 1380€
60cm x 60cm (kahdella lemmikillä) – hinta: 2080€

Prices for additional options:
Frames from gray board -120 €
Canvas-tyylinen huopa taulu – 80€
Pet's name on the board - 20 €

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Paino: ~150g
Paino: ~400g
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Ympyränmuotoinen kirjontakehys

Neliönmuotoinen taulu

Kehykset harmaasta laudasta

Canvas-tyylinen huopa taulu

Me kaikki pyrimme onneen. Onnelliset hetket eivät kuitenkaan voi kestää ikuisesti. Voimme pitää ne hetket mielessä, jotta pystymme palaamaan niihin.
Harmillista on se, että muistimme pyyhkii yksityiskohdat ajan myötä ja vain yleiset piirteet jäävät jäljelle.
Siksi asiakkaani tilaavat villamaalauksia lemmikeistään, koska olen erittäin tarkka pienimmistäkin yksityiskohdista.
Taulussa hyvät muistot säilyvät ikuisesti.
Arvostan todella asiakkaideni luottamusta ja teen parhaani, jotta lemmikki näyttää kauniilta ja realistiselta.

Felt board from a photo

I’m sure at least at some point you’ve been annoyed that time is going all too fast. It doesn’t ask for separate permission to rewind our years in an instant. I will never become a little girl again and I will never be able to see my childhood dog again.

They talk about being allowed to think about the future, but not about thinking about the past. They said, “It’s already gone”! I do not completely agree with this, because our experiences make us peculiar and unique people. I don’t see any harm in having someone keep good memories for as long as possible.

I am not a magician and I cannot go back to the past. However, I can make “wool clones” of pets. They help preserve memories and heart warmth.

What can all be warm?

You probably know the feeling when it’s cold outside and you need warmth. When you get inside, you know what hot tea or cocoa tastes like. Your fingers won’t freeze because the mittens that were outside in your hands are so warm and soft. Curls on a warm blanket by the fireplace that warms and creates an atmosphere. In the mood light, you immerse yourself in warm memories that warm your mind and heart.

When you open your eyes, you notice a warm billboard hanging on the wall that warms the wall of the house - and the eye when you look at it. The walls of your home can be decorated with beautiful and warm felting work that you can find in my online store.

Did you know that you can even order your own painting of your favorite pet? I will implement the board according to your wishes. I design the work so that it fits into your interior and warms your mind and evokes memories and feelings when your favorite pet is on the board.

With Ellun blankets, your home will be warmer and more comfortable.

I'll make a clone of your pet!

Order a handmade felt board for yourself or as a gift

Pet memorial plaque with your own photo. I can make you a felt board for a dog, horse, cat, or other animal and subject. It is such a wonderful memory, and in addition a special decorative element for your home. The board includes fastening methods, and the board does not need to be treated separately, just wipe the dust! The colors with which the wool is dyed last up to decades.

Ordering is easy. All I need is the dimensions of the board and a photo.

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100% handmade product, good quality, natural raw materials, unique!

✔ just for you 

✔ I can use genuine dog hair in felt products. Better if you can find combed base wool, such as cut. Ask for a quote!

I will be happy to make the product for you according to your wishes. I need a good quality photo and your own wishes. At this point, I will receive more comments and wishes.

Huopataulun hinta vaihtelee koon, kehyksen tyypin ja työn vaativuuden mukaan.

I can take a picture of several animals for an additional fee! Voin valmistaa tuoteen myös suuremmassa tai pienemmässä koossa, siitä erikseen sovittaessa. Jos haluat kehystää taulun, kerro toive etukäteen. My felt boards are made exclusively of natural materials: wool and leather. I felt the thick bottoms of the felt boards myself. In addition, the board includes fasteners and hooks. 

Joku sanoo, että tilaustaulut ovat kalliita. Sanoisin, että ne ovat korvaamattomia. Toiset tilavat ja nauttivat niistä joka päivä.

Ihmiset kysyvät myös, että kun teit esim. bernerin taulun, pystytkö tekemään erirotuisen koiran? Vastaus on, että minulle ei ole väliä minkä rotuinen koira on. Työn tekemiseen tarvitsen hyvän valokuvan. Niin… mustatkin koirat onnistuu piirtämään! Se ei ole ongelma.

100% handmade product, good quality, natural raw materials, unique!

Order a handmade felt board for yourself or as a gift. Ordering is easy. All I need is the dimensions of the board and a photo.

Ask for more information about the products or ask for help from the online store in the online chat by clicking on the icon at the bottom right. If I do not respond easily within five minutes, I will receive your message in my email.

Huomioithan, että harmaan laudan kehysten paksuus voi vaihdella!

Note! - Before sending any pictures of your pet, click on the link below and find out what kind of pictures I need to be able to make a unique product for you.

Jopa mestariteosmaalaus voi pilata sisustuksesi, jos et noudata näitä kohtia…

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 14 cm

30x30cm, 40X40cm, Ø 14cm, Ø 23cm, with two pet pictures


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November 8, 2021 9:36 am

Thank you so much for the board, the birthday hero moved to tears!

December 11, 2020 at 9:41 pm

Fast and good service! Absolutely a wonderful painting was created from the picture of our son's dog. The look is so authentic! I highly recommend it if you want to give a unique gift to your loved one or a great memory of your pet to yourself.

May 6, 2020 at 7:41 pm

The cry came. The late Pirkhard St. Bernard is just as wonderful as he was when he was alive. Thanks <3

November 27, 2019 5:13 pm

Delivery was fast and service friendly.
The felted board about our dog is ABSOLUTELY GREAT !!!
Yes, the group has wondered how skillfully the painting is.

Satu Virtanen
Satu Virtanen
June 2, 2019 8:22 pm

Thanks for the absolutely lovely 3D whiteboard. This is a wonderful memory of my pet who has gone to the rainbow bridge. The painting is professionally made and many have said that how can it be about genuine looking 🙂 I recommend!