Felting of horse, rabbit and dog hair

Traditionally, wool from different breeds of sheep is used in felting, sometimes with the addition of other fibers such as viscose, silk and cotton. Are there really any materials that can be used to create quality products?

Horse hair

I once got horse hair from a client. The intention was to test whether they could felt any product. I knew in advance that felting a horse’s hair alone would not succeed. That’s why I laid the bottom of the sheep’s wool and put horse’s hair on it. The video shows how I did it.

The end result was an uncomfortable fabric from which the hair stuck and came off. So I personally decided that at least felting this horse’s hair is not worth it. Write in the comments if you have a better experience.

Rabbit hair

I used the client’s rabbit hair to felt the cape. That gave me an interesting result. I placed the rabbit hair on the collar of the cape. They felt good and the fabric became soft.

Dog hair

I have a lot more experience with felting dog hair than previous animals. I have used them in the manufacture of a wide variety of products such as vests, pillowcases, hats and scale models.

The hairs of each dog breed work differently and only by experimenting can you find out how to felt. However, undercoat is the best option for felting. Thick hair does not felt on the wool. The length of the dog's hair must be at least 2-3cm.

I use unwashed hair from which all the debris has been removed. The work should be rinsed before the padding step because the fat in the dog’s hair will not allow the work to shrink.

When the work is felted properly, the felt fabric can still be brushed, giving the work a nice soft surface.

huovutus, märkähuovutus koiran karvoista

If you would like to learn how to felt hats, scarves and other items using dog hair in addition to sheep's wool, welcome to the online course. From the online course, you will learn the basics of felting, learn, and reinforce the different techniques of felting, learn how to build a basic hat model and change it to get different shapes you want. You will learn a lot more in the Ellunhuopa online felting training.

As examples, I will show you hats that I felt in addition to sheep's wool and husky hair. These ear hats are made to order from Husky Park to prevent the heads of the guides from freezing in the cold conditions of the Arctic Circle.

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