Finnish nature is close by! A set of felt boards.

I made felt boards “Nature of Finland” Apartments Huiliby order. Lately, I mostly made felt boards from dog photos, so in this project I had the opportunity to bring out my own visibility from the nature of the Finnish wilderness.

The bottoms of the felt boards are felted with really thick layers and the edges are made uneven. This whiteboard technique can be learned LIFETIME COURSES through. According to the plan, the viewer should feel that there is no boundary between the forest and the room.

To make felting more comfortable, I used these felting tools.

The entire felting process is briefly shown in the following video. This video shows how thick layers I put wool on the bottom of the board! Once the bottom of the board was felted and dry, I started needle felting the exact patterns. I wanted to create the impression of a complete presence for the viewer, which is why the painting is three-dimensional. Many berries, mushrooms, and plants “protrude” out of the paintings.

The first board describes healthy lacquer berries.

The felt board 'Kantarelli' is the second board in the series “Finnish Nature”.

Marsh tea. Yes, I tried hard to get natural looking plants. On the way, I had to come up with my own way of making bogs, but I got it done too.

The Lichen Fairytale Forest is perhaps my personal favorite. There is something ‘magical’ about these little plants. As if they came from a completely alien planet.

Would you like ducks all year round? I would, but I wouldn’t really recommend eating them even if they look delicious as they are made of wool.

Tupasvilla. The wonderfully soft cotton wool plant is probably familiar to many. Finland's nature is so charming, it seems to take my heart after we meet.

The last table contains even Finland 's most abundant wild berry - lingonberry. Its berries look like little pearls in the woods.

Soon the paintings will get where you belong, elegantly decorating the rooms and filling them with soft warmth. We hope that the days of Tahko's guests will be full of new experiences and nice things to do together close to nature, both outdoors and indoors.

If you also want a felted board for yourself, feel free to post to 'info (@)'!

PS My head was full of thoughts, "How do I get plants from felt?" Suddenly I noticed a shimmering light around me and like a little calmed my fear, I saw a fairy. He said, "Would you like me to teach magic, it's easy?" I couldn't say anything to incite. He continued, “This miracle is very simple, but without it, nothing will come out. To do something, you have to believe in it first. ”

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