Where do birds sing?

onnen lintu, huovutettu lintu,

Adorable birds fly from the yard of Ellunhuopa to the world. For some, it gives happiness to a new home, for others it becomes a lot of joy, and even co-workers care. Others want birds in their own homes so that the birds remind them that a good mood consists of little things.

Good luck bird on order

I will be happy to make you a Bird of Fortune order with a living look in your eyes. Each bird is unique and has a unique look. The birds are beautiful and natural looking! Order a bird for yourself >>

Learn how to make a bird of happiness by needle felting yourself

You too can learn to make wonderful birds yourself. That's what I did online course; “Bird of Happiness”. With the help of the video, you will get information about the production of the bird, where I will show and explain all the steps carefully down to the last detail. You can watch the video at any time, as many times as you like. Plus, that template is downloadable, which really helps a lot!

This online course is included Blanket felters club material, meaning the member does not have to purchase this separately.

What is the bird made of

I make birds from felt, I use wooden beads for my eyes. Bird feet can be made in different ways. There is help behind the link for the manufacture of fins using iron or wool yarn. Another way is to make the fins and beak out of plastic. I'll open that guide Felt blankets for club members. The bird's beak is for sale in my online store.

I did too Happiness bird craft package, where you can get all the supplies for making a bird. Felting it is fun, doesn’t require a lot of time, or a special workspace. It can be done, for example, in a summer cottage, outdoors or on the sofa at home.

The sounds of birds

Sight, feeling and hearing - a person uses his senses a lot in everyday life. The finished bird pleases the eye, the touch of warm wool on the skin brings happiness. To give you a diverse picture of your own Happiness bird in the wild, I recorded the sounds of birds from my backyard. You can listen to it by clicking here 'bird sounds mp3’.

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