Leineperi Feltart Biennale 7.8.-6.9.2020

Black Sheep & Leineper's Ruukki present:

Leineperi Feltart Biennale 2020 7.8.-6.9.2020

Leineperi Feltart Biennale is a Felt Art Biennale.

Ellun blanket will send three works to the exhibition. More information about the event will be published closer to the time.

Felters interpret the story of Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, with felting and felting:

“In ancient times, after the ice age, a large stream, the Kokemäenjoki, was looking for its course to go down to sea. The water flowed in a flow and strong way through the nutritious land - the land from which the sea escaped and the revealing land gave its best as lush and nutritious. At this time, the Vikings, those fearless, brave, and skilled men from the northern stern, also sailed the seas. On their way, they hit a point where a large stream split into the sea with their eight landing streams. The point reminded them of SLEIPNIR, the eight-legged, powerful and fast horse of Odin, the chief god of that northern deity, on whom Odin rode between heaven and earth. The Vikings named the place SLEIPNIR. Over the millennia, visitors and language changed. In the end, the name took the form of Leineper in the mouths of the Finns who remained in their fields. ”

Leineper Ruukki is a tourist destination for 15 craftsmen / artists, restaurant entrepreneurs, mills, summer theaters and museums at Rautaruukki, founded in 1771 in Ulvila, Finland.

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