A scale model of a pet

Over the years, I have made these lovely miniature pets as well as brooches, I have gotten to know wonderful people as well as animals. These have given themselves thoughts, and thoughts about human and animal life. Inspired to work on new and inspiring things, guided my life as a felter, brought to life richness, small and bigger flashes of color. Bringing a wide variety of emotions, perhaps all the different shades of emotion I’ve tried to convey to the pet in progress, the most loyal friend of the people.

“Absolutely lovely, so right looking. Those eyes"

"Absolutely amazing!"

"Wau I thought this was right, lovely"

"Well, these are the souls of the deceased, after all, a good time, albeit alive."

Great, if not amazing! ”

Because working on these miniatures has given me thoughts to move forward in life, working on myself as both a human and a felter, as a result, I no longer make miniatures or brooches to order.

I want to thank you all for going on this journey with me, now let’s embark on a new path where I want you all to join me. Come with me to experience new things in the world of felting, where only the imagination is the limit.

I am on my journey towards new winds, I am also guiding you at the same time as myself, I want to give you inspiration to produce the most wonderful things now, and in the future.

But I want to leave these lovely miniatures I worked with as well as brooches for you, my lovely followers, my students, my friends, for all of you as a source of inspiration, for the joy of the eye, respecting these copies of man’s best friend.

So please enjoy, be inspired, admire and draw new ideas.

Brooch From My Pets

But don’t worry, if you want to save an eternal image of your pet anyway, check out what our online store has to offer, where you’re sure to find the right product for you that I’ll make with similar emotion, skill, and love for you.

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