10 ways to choose the right colors

It’s no secret that colors have a very big impact on people’s lifestyles. when we look at objects, we not only think about what shape it is, but also its color. The choice of colors is especially emphasized in interior design and clothing. Colors also affect our morale, as well as the way we see the world around us.



1. Passion, freedom, sexuality, power - red. It’s perfect if you need to defend your thoughts, pay attention to yourself.

osta kännykkäpussi, puhelin netista, samsung, nokia, puhelin, nettikauppa kännykät, sumsung note, nokia lumi, huopapusi, lehti,


2. Fills every heat and energy - Orange. Elevates emotional space, creates a youthful, creative style.

hame huovutus


3. A friend of the Democrats, of course, brown. Perfect for meetings without a tie, as well as for meeting friends.



4. Glows with optimism and joy - yellow. Adults will surely remember you and children will listen carefully.



5. Guarantees reliability, kindness, youth - green. Surrounds with coolness, creates a relaxed atmosphere, resolves conflicts in the workplace.

sininen huopahattu


6. The fairest, strictest, most spiritual - blue. Gives a sense of distance, is appropriate for serious business.

saunahattu huopa, ellunhuopa, ellun huopa, saunahattu tilauksesta, sauna hattu palju, huopahattu tilauksesta,


7. Fabulous, magical, complete replacement for black. Particularly suitable for exceptional situations- violet. For creative and creative people.

huopaliivi Ellunhuopa


8. Sterile purity is given white color. It creates a sharp contrast to other colors, it also makes you younger.

hattu netistä, huopahattu, tilaa huopahattu, ellunhuopa hattu, villahattu, hattu tileuksista,


9. Creates a lasting and stable feeling gray. Excellent when you need to look high-ranking, as well as professional in interviews.

hattu; saunahattu; huopahatu; uniikki hattu; tehty huovasta; lahja; lahjakortti; paras lahja; tehty suomessa; kehräämövilla; villahattu; taide; tilata netista; osta netista; tehdä tilaus; suomityttö; eco tuotte; taidetarpia; osta hattu; tilata hattu; erikois tilaus; vip tilaus; paras lahja; syntymäpäivalahja; uskomaton; hattu netista; hieno hattu; hattu miehille; hattu näisille; hattu lapsille


10. Gives an important as well as elegant look black. If you are unsure of what to put on, black will be a very good solution and, as always, respectful.

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