How do I make blankets

The history of felts is more than a hundred years old. Minulla has six since I made my first decent felt slippers. 

Well this thing is starting to go well! I learned and developed my own technology and looked for good quality Finnish wool, as well suitable tools for many years. The long journey is now behind me. Huh!

It’s fun to learn when to learn technology, but still challenging. I got blisters on every finger, which unfortunately I don’t show 🙂 and of course muscle aches. Fortunately, I have a good sports base. 🙂 It takes two days to make one pair of shoes.

And here is my end result! The felt pads are on a rubber sole to keep the small feet on the ground.

I also make blankets for adults. Visit tgetting wet LIFE FELT for felt slippers >>

If you would like to learn how to make quality slippers yourself, I recommend my online course “The secrets of felted footwear. Slippers"

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