6 ways to check if the wool has felted and is durable

How do you know that wool has felted well?

I think you’ve already thought about this if you’ve tried felting at least once. How do you know when the wading step is over? Did this become durable enough? Of course, the quality of felt depends quite a lot on the products, what you make, their uses and type. The felt fabric has certain properties that I will tell you about.

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You will benefit from this if you felt yourself or if you are buying / owning a finished product.


  1. Shrinkage rate. Thick layers such as felt or bags have a minimum of 30 %. If it is smaller, it indicates that the blanket is raw. The percentage of wool shrinkage in clothing can be as high as 50% or more. Of course, the shrinkage rate depends somewhat on the type of wool you use. You only learn it by doing it.

  2. Movement of fibers. In a high-quality felt fabric, the fibers are felted into a uniform solid mass. If you cut the felt, it will have a clear edge and no fringes.

  3. Wool density. The finished felt fabric is dense. No air is visible between the fibers and no light passes through (I’m not talking about felting here). The pile does not rise from the finished fabric, nor does it come off when pulled. The surface is slightly glossy. The fabric is dense and hard regardless of thickness.

  4. Bubble. The well-felted fabric is uniform and even. If there are big “bubbles” somewhere, it means that this place is not ready yet. Small grain-sized balls that leave with an ironing iron are a good sign.

  5. Thickness. The thickness of the wool layer is considerably smaller than before. Pressing the finger does not sink between the felt layer and the thickness of the felt does not change terribly.

  6. And lastly, if you're not sure if the wool has felted enough, continue felting.

watch the video: How do you know that the wool has felt well?

In the video, I show how I quilt a felt hat.

Ask if anything is unclear.

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