Bachelor's degree in arts and crafts. Product design and manufacturing expertise.

I'm studying now Piippola Art and Culture College and on Friday, May 5, 2017, I passed the following degree: “Product design and craftsmanship”. Even though I have worked in the same field for many years, it is always good to recall all the steps and do things systematically.


I chose a bag / backpack as the topic. Planning is important and takes the most time! I did an analysis of the company’s products and considered what kind of products I could offer to my customer group. I designed the product by continuing Ellunhuopa's line (unique, high-quality, durable product). I made drawings on paper.

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I designed the product from familiar materials using previous manufacturing methods. I chose leather, wool and linen as the material.


I designed the patterns and sewed the bag from fabric and leather, and felted the wool.


The idea was to make a bag that could change depending on the situation. It can be used as a bag or backpack, where the leather shell acts as a body and there are different options for the inner bag. The leather frame has a couple of pockets, one of them with a zipper and the other pocket is A4 in size.

ellunhuopa, nahkalaukku tilauksista

“URBAN” - with a leather inner bag

“LUXURY” - with an inner bag made of felt. You can felt a picture of a dog or a landscape, for example.

ellunhuopa, laukku,The “YOGA” linen bag could hold sneakers, a leggings and a tea shirt. The bag is attached with a magnetic button. The cloth bag is easy to wash in the washing machine and stored in a large A4 pocket.

jooga, nahkalaukku  The design and manufacture of the product went well in my opinion. Here are the reviewers' comments:

“The graduate has an excellent command of the product design process. He has designed a personal product package that suits the needs of his own customer group. The design work of the graduate is goal-oriented, passionate and striving for quality. The products will be produced by his own craft company. ”

“The graduate worked professionally and efficiently. He has developed manufacturing methods in parallel with product features. The products are finished, visually thoughtful and durable. ”

Yes, I'm happy! Nice to get good feedback. I am really pleased that I chose Piippola Vocational and Cultural College. I learned a lot from it and got friends and partners!

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