International Felting Event “Wool in Nature 2017” Kalvåg, Norway

Last week, June 19-24 summer academy held a major event off the coast of Norway, “Woll in nature”. Felters from Norway, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Scotland and Ireland came to the small fishing town of Kalvåg.
huovutus, felting, wool, villa, wool in nature

The week’s program included felting courses, sample work, and a project called “Wool in Nature”. Most of the program was held in the gallery Galleri Frøya.


Like many other felters, I had time to introduce. I chose the needle felted head as the theme. For three hours, visitors to the gallery watched the workflow and asked the most interesting questions possible.

huovutus, needle felting

I introduced the technique of needle felting by making an elf's head. It was interesting to show the work to those who really wanted to learn to felt.

huovutus, felting, needle felting

Then I gave a two-day training on “three-dimensional needle felting”. My students had no previous experience with needle felting, but have done a very good job. So I'm proud of them!

ull, wool, villa

Separately runs the big joy “Wool in nature,” where each artist has created a work of art from felt, after which they were placed in nature. It all started with nature and it all ends there. These creations are photographed regularly, so it is possible to trace how nature takes things back to itself.

This was my first time attending such events. It was filled with inspiration, energy and new ideas. It was nice to chat and work with artists from different countries, share felting experiences and exchange affiliations.

Thank you, Kalvåg!

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