A creative person - what is he like?

A creative person - what is he like?

I admire creative people! Creativity is not just about handicrafts. A creative approach to life helps to find interesting solutions at work, to cope with complex everyday tasks.

To be a creative person you need courage:

  • the courage to hear yourself
  • the courage to proclaim yourself to the world, to show the deepest and most vulnerable parts of yourself
  • accept criticism from others who are inconsistent with your work
  • isolate yourself from the world as you work on your project.

Creative people are real! I would say they are healers of souls. When a painting or other work of art finds an answer in another person’s soul, the viewer realizes that someone else is experiencing the world in the same way. She is not alone, she feels supported. The supreme spirit gave me artistic talents, I try to realize them as perfectly as possible. This is a process, there are discoveries on the road every day. That's interesting! Wool also has healing effects when you know how to enjoy the felting process.

Yes, my students confirm:
“The villa really has mystical magic, warmth and softness”.

Mistakes made by a creative person.

I don’t think talent is entirely up to us. Talent is given to us from above and we serve it. If we are not involved in creativity, energy will accumulate within us that will develop into anxiety. I think creative people know well what I’m talking about.
As you begin to recreate, this energy will pass through us and manifest in this world as art. Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m not the only one creating my paintings. Someone else is involved…
I turn my gaze inside and express what I see in the materials.
All my creativity is based on the main idea - to turn a person to look at their innermost being. A respectful attitude towards yourself turns into an inner strength for you.
Friendliness and warmth…
When I advise others, I always start with myself. In order to feel good, I just have to implement my ideas. And they get harder every time.
Life is change, development.
It’s good to be creative, but it’s not easy. It’s great to have a lot of ideas and wishes in my head.

On the other hand, talent is a responsibility. All a creative person needs to do is bring their ideas to life. Dream, Create, and be open to the world.

Have you ever asked yourself what a person lives for?

I remember I was still very young when I asked this question to my mother. Since then, this question has not left me alone.
Why does a person live? Who can say for sure?

The years went by, I grew up, but the answer to my question was different every time. I did not find the only correct answer. That’s why I started thinking that maybe the purpose of life is life itself.
But then another question arises: What does life mean to me and what kind of life do I want to live?
I sat down and wrote down all the values in my life so I had support in life. The greatest value in my life is freedom.
Freedom from my restrictions, my fears, the opinions of others.
Life is creativity. I want to express myself with creativity, create something new, find out about my abilities, cross boundaries. I would create for myself and other people. I create with love, respect and passion.

Living for me is about finding something new every day, as well as expanding my knowledge. It is very important to me that the work is interesting and has enough challenges. I love all the challenges that life offers me. Living is loving. By loving myself, other people and of course loving myself life. Love is a beautiful thing. Life is a constant change. Be open, responsible and not afraid to take risks. However, life is moving towards a better future.
I often take risks and they lead me to where I am now.

In fact, I have a constant feeling that everything in my life is happening at the right time and exactly as it should. I am grateful for my generosity.
Living is knowing the physical body. The body is the home of our soul in this world. As the saying goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Take care of your body. Develop it, strengthen it!
Life is cognition. Through emotions we live our lives. I decide to get to know myself every time. I am not looking at the fact of what is happening, but at my feelings about what is happening. Emotions are the mirror of our souls that help us find the desired path to a better life. Listen, try to learn, understand and accept yourself.
Find the power to live your life the way you want.

Love allows us to see perfection in everything

Love allows us to look through delusions. Some days choosing love may seem difficult. In that case, remember to be gentle with ourselves. This can help us return to a state of grace where Love flows easily.

Universal love is an unshakable frequency that flows throughout life. The choice to share the love of the universe means that we express Love by acknowledging and respecting ourselves and others without judging. Everything we see happening in the world is a direct reflection of what is happening within each of us, whether we accept it or not. When we blame others, we only blame ourselves instead of making a positive impact on the world.
We simply participate in growing fear instead of entering the world of love.

It is up to each person to change the situation of their choice.
Pay attention to your feelings and what you are using your energy for.

Peace and goodness to you!

Why is meditation needed?

You don’t even know for yourself how unique, beautiful and gorgeous you are.
If you know, you still don’t believe it completely. I would really like you to believe in yourself and your own abilities. It’s important to me that you learn as much as possible from my courses, and I really don’t want beliefs to hinder the learning process. You get exactly what you believe in your life. This is what they say; "Get exactly what you order!"
You can’t learn things well if you don’t believe in your inner strength. I’ll give you felting instructions and methods, but if you don’t believe in your own strengths, they’re irrelevant.
If you value yourself and your own experiences, you are more relaxed and creative.

You can’t be strong if you don’t value yourself.
You can’t be healthy if you don’t value yourself.
You can’t be self-sufficient if you don’t value yourself.
You can’t be happy if you don’t value yourself.

I want you to understand that low self-esteem and criticism really doesn’t do you any good. I would like you to take that into account in your daily life.
I ask you to deal with this at least a few minutes every day.
If you think you are weak and helpless, this is not true. Each of you has enormous potential for development and inner strength. Each of you is unique, worthy of attention and respect.
Look at yourself with your dearest eyes and repeat after me:


Have you noticed that people with a purpose in life live longer and better than others?

These are scientists, scientists who want to gather to do as much as possible during their lives.
These are writers, artists, musicians who are in love with life and find an infinite number of reasons for creativity.
These are also doctors who strive to help as many people as possible and all those who love their work and work for the good of their souls and humanity.
These are also the ones who take care of their children, grandchildren and loved ones to make the best of their lives.

I hope you find something that inspires you and brings you joy. It doesn’t matter what it is, repairing a car or growing flowers.

With these tips, you will be able to bring light to this earth. Start doing it and you will be motivated to live your beautiful life.

💚 Hug 💚

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