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Natural fur is a durable, natural, ecological and recyclable material. Majava fur can be used to make clothes that are suitable for the Finnish environment. It withstands rain, wind and gusts. Due to its use properties, fur is well suited for everyday use.

The dream of a fur hat is worth remembering already on a hunting trip

If there are large tears in the tanned leather, the product may not be made to make due to the tears, even if the dimensions are met. Of course, the beaver does not die in fright, so it is natural to have a certain number of holes in the skin.

Peeling is also important, it should be done carefully and carefully so that the knife does not slip.

Then you should send the leather for tanning and only then deliver them to me. I can recommend Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy. Instructions for handling can be found on their website.

How to check the quality of fur?

Beaver leather should be soft and supple, its color depends on the treatment material. Light or gray is good. Beaver leather is quite thick compared to other natural furs, yet well tanned leather is thick but soft.

Leather should not be stored for very long if you want a product from it. Store leather in a well-ventilated area. Do not store folded

If the leather has become discolored and looks yellow, its quality has deteriorated. I can't make good products from bad leather.

You can test the condition of your skin by poking and scraping it with a needle. The skin is in good condition and the needle injection site is in good shape and will not come loose. Poor leather, on the other hand, breaks down and tears easily. Because of this, bad leather cannot be sewn, seams just simply won’t last.

If you end up ordering the product but are not sure about the quality of the leather, you can first send me a few photos of the leather.

What size fur leather does it have to be to make a hat?

One adult beaver skin should be enough for a hat or gloves (80x60cm).

Hatun for manufacturing i need head circumference to make the right size. Do not take measurements with flexible wire. The tape measure is best if it is not present, even use a belt. After which you can open and measure with a standard ruler. Take a tight measure. I make the hat one inch bigger when there is a tight head circumference. That's how the hat fits well in your head.

If the catch of a beaver happens to be a little smaller, it can be made hairpinwith ear flaps made of felt. I felted a cap of quality wool and treated with a curing agent.

You can also make a small beaver slippers for baby. It becomes a lovely and warm butt for a newborn baby, the butts can be used at different times of the year.

Big 24kl beaver leather is even born warm gloves. I make a glove inside a felted mountain with an inner glove. They are easy to take off and wash or dry. I also use leather, which can be found in my own warehouse, to make them. In addition to leather, you can send me a picture of your palm drawn on paper and any further wishes.

I can also use fur in felt slippers, which are made to order for the customer.

What else could be done with beaver fur?

majava, majavan laukku, turkistuotteet

Lighthouse leather is durable, so I also make it into bags and backpacks combined with cowhide. I sew them by hand with wax thread, so the products become durable.

I can sew from small pieces, for example, a decorative pillow

What if you have a dream about beaver products, but don't have your own prey?

You usually make products from customer-supplied leathers. Sometimes, though, I can have skins in stock. So you should always ask.

You can also check online store availability.

Treat properly and use for a long time

Fur products do not need much care. The big plus in beaver leather is that it stays good looking even after it has been raining. Natural fur should be dried immediately, avoid drying on a radiator or oven. The hat is hung on the model head or on a clothesline. Store the fur in a cool place and protected from light, for example in a cardboard box. You can turn the hat upside down so that the hair stays inside.

Natural GORETEX. Beeswax treatment

Protection of natural fur from pests

When you put fur products in long storage, you can put fragrant lavender with furs. There are good ingredients in the vicinity to protect furs from pests. You can use many strongly fragrant plants such as bog, lavender, cloves or bay leaves.

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asta Lähteenmäki
asta Lähteenmäki
January 24, 2022 6:57 pm

Joke, great stuff! I have 18 muskrat skins, I should come up with something 🙂

Ilja Bondar
Ilja Bondar
May 25, 2020 4:05 pm