Here are a few tips on how to take photos of your pet.

lemmikin kuvaus

 I will select only one of the ten images

Professionals can take several hours to photograph to get just a couple, but a good picture. I, too, choose only one of the ten images. I learned it from my father as a child.

If you would like to take beautiful pictures yourself - Practice! Try taking pictures from different directions, changing position, light and background. Do this until you are happy with the result. Then you can show your artwork to the world.

Even a phone works quite well if you follow the instructions carefully. These tips are best for beginners, or those who are interested in photography and want to know more and more.

1. Before the photo

Check that the camera lens is clean. Try not to scratch it and always wipe with a “microfiber” cloth before taking a photo.

2. Exposure

If possible, go out. Do not take pictures facing the sun, rather go into the shade. The best photo is taken when it is cloudy / partly cloudy.

3. Zoom

Do not use the zoom as it will significantly reduce the quality as well as the sharpness. If necessary, get closer to yourself.

4. Take many pictures of your pet

Even professional photographers take multiple photos, of which they select only a few.

5. Photo position

Do not take a photo directly from a stand. Try to be on the same level with your pet. Inaccurate photos may often appear due to a shaking / waving hand. To avoid this, take support to your knee, for example, or look for other support near you. The more photos, the easier it is to choose the right ones.

6. Settings

Check the camera settings to ensure the highest possible image quality. Do not pity the device memory for best results.

🥁 I will emphasize one more thing, do not be too critical, otherwise you will not be able to take even a single picture. Be pleased to see that you did better today than yesterday. Develop your own skills, do not copy others.

He who tries will succeed!

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