Purpose of the wool

The quality and use of wool depends a lot on the breed of sheep and the conditions. The most common sheep breed in Finland is the Finnish sheep. Its wool is fine or medium, shiny, curly, soft and elastic, which is perfect for knitting and felting. Wool is a versatile material from which you can make almost anything, as long as your imagination is enough. The wool can be used to make yarn, which can then be used to crochet clothes, as well as home textiles. Carded wool, ie felt, can be used to make paintings, models, clothes, decorations and toys.

Wool handling

Raw wool

In Finland, sheep are most often wilted twice a year, in autumn and spring. The coiled wool is washed. Raw wool contains grease, sweat, sand, plant parts and other impurities.


Wool wash

 When washed, wool can lose tens of percent of its weight. There is still some wool grease in the fibers after washing. After washing, the wool is dried.

Wool dyeing with plants

Plant dyeing has been a traditional craft method since prehistoric times. Today, this ancient method is in use among craft enthusiasts because of its affordability and beauty. Plant dyeing represents culturally sustainable development.


Dyeing of wool with reactive dyes

It is an easy and simple way to dye wool. Reactive dyes are liquid that can be mixed with each other. An adhesive is required to attach the colors. Can be dyed in a washing machine, pot or cold dyed.



The goal of wool carding is to make all the fibers parallel in the same direction. Wool can be carded by hand carding or with a carding mill. The fibers can then be spun into yarn or used for felting.

After carding, the wool can be spun into yarn or used for felting.



Twisting the fiber creates a thread.

Already in the Stone Age, it was invented to use a weight and a stick, or a spindle, as an aid in spinning. Rye, on the other hand, was invented as a spindle much later. Learning to use spindle is much faster, but rye - vastly faster.

When there are two strands, they are spun into a single yarn using a spindle or rye. By spinning yourself, you get just the kind of yarn you want.

Front blanket

The pre-felt is created by squeezing the wool layers closer together. It is done through moisture and printing. Felting results in a uniform felted wool board.



The felt takes on its final shape after the felting step. The work takes more printing than the felting phase.

What is a benign blanket?

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