Life is much better if you wear clothes that you like and are comfortable with!

uniikki liivi, villavaatteet, vaatteet juhliin, morsiamen juhlamekko juhlapuvut

Felting is an old way of making sheep's wool fabric. Recently, felting has developed a lot. Now felting can be used to make such garments with good technical properties and a unique appearance.

An elegant robe or vest is suitable for both formal and casual wear. It brings elegance to your outfit! 

Felt clothes are perfect for different days of the year. For cool, it protects when going out, in the frost fits well over the jacket. 

🎁 If you would like to give the best to your loved ones, then a cloak / vest is a good option.

🎁 If you want something special, or really unique, order a personal robe / vest using your own photos, or adding text.

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It is a wealth to be different!

The good thing is that felt clothes do not require special instructions: hand wash in warm water.

It is not necessary to know the exact dimensions of the recipient of the gift in the manufacture of the cloak, the same cloak is really great for people of different ages and sizes!

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