SAUNAHATTU, PALJUHATTU, huovutettu hattu

I make a variety of high quality felt hats for men, women and children to order

This opportunity is just for you:

  • if you don’t want to wear typical, dull hats
  • if you want to stand out and miss something personal and unique

I make different types of high quality felt hats according to your wishes. 

What is the hat made of?

The hat is made of 100% quality wool. I can add silk, linen or viscose if the hat design requires it.

Does the hat itch?

Every sheep in the breed has different wool, the thickness and stiffness vary. In the manufacture of hats, I use only soft wool that does not itch or irritate the skin. The felt headdress is light, warm and feels wonderfully soft.

How is this felt hat treated / cleaned?

Felt products are easy to care for. They do not require special care. You will find instructions for washing the felt hat from my website >>

Felt products must not be washed in the washing machine, only hand wash!

How long do I have to wait for the order to be completed?

I need about 4-6 weeks to make the products (The time may be longer depending on the order queue at the time of ordering). If you have an urgent order, be sure to mention in your message when you would like to receive it.

How to order?

1. Describe the hat model and send a photo / drawing of what kind of hat you would like. I make the product exactly according to your wishes.

2. or select a hat from the following selection (№1, №2, №3, №4). Put the model number in the message.

hattu; osta hattu netista; huopahattu; saunahattu; huovutus; hatun malli; tilaa hattu; hattu lahjaksi; metsästyshattu; lippis; fantasy hat; lasten hattu; hattu lapsille; hattu naisille; hattu miehille; talvihattu; uniikki hattu; erikois hattu; paras lahja; osta netista halun; hattu netista

3. Choose a hat shade from our color chart and tell us what details you would like to add to your hat.

tilaustyö; väri; käsityö; hattu; lahja; uniikki; paras lahja; hat; wool; felt; lahjaksi; talvi; joululahja;

How to take a measure to get it right?

Put the tape measure in the thickest part of the head. The picture allows you to see exactly where each measurement should be taken. Indicate the circumference of your head when ordering.

What would be the price of this type of hat?

Price from 150 € + delivery costs. The details that come with the hat will be added to the price according to the agreement. If necessary, I make sketches. I will send a picture of the finished work to your e-mail for your approval.

The product will be delivered by post from Palonurme. You can also come pick it up yourself at Alakoskentie 195, Palonurmi.

The following images are examples of what I have been able to do:

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Hats can be ordered by contacting us by e-mail: 


This hood is for those who don’t like hats that are too tight.

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Sauna hat

As a sauna elf, a hat for the head and a steam bath!

I remember when I was little when I was little, when adults went to the sauna with their opponents. In addition, they had woolen sauna hats on their heads. The thought and sight was funny, because it's hot in the sauna - why put a hat on? After researching the matter, it was awesome to know that a felt hat does have a health effect on our body.

I want to share its benefits with you:

The sauna hat is not only for decoration and fun, but the blanket acts as a “thermar”. That is, it does not allow the head to overheat, but even cools it. And when it’s cold, the blanket reciprocally keeps the heat away so it doesn’t get cold.

It is not good to let your head heat up in the sauna. I have read a lot of stuff about the recommendations of Finnish doctors that it is worth keeping a sauna hat on when you have a steam bath.

The sauna hat also protects the hair: it prevents them from drying out and they do not break so easily.

How nice it is to go to the sauna in a beautiful hat, which makes the moments of steam more interesting and amusing.

An idyllic package for sauna hats:
- fun
- relaxation
- beauty
- health
- hair well-being

A sauna hat is a great gift idea! Especially for those who understand the purpose of the sauna. Sauna hats would be the best gifts for them. The name of the recipient could be written on the sauna hat.

The sauna hat also works in the many / hot tubs and avant-garde swimming.

In the following The pictures are examples of what I have been able to do:

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