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You can use pre-dyed wool for felting, or you can dye it yourself. This video describes the dyeing of wool with reactive dyes. I use powdered paint ASHFORD WOOL DYE, which is suitable for all protein fibers. It can be used to dye felt wool, wool yarn and also silk. I wanted to use the surplus pieces from one big project. I cut 4-6 cm long Ovals from the felt fabric, put them in a washing bag and washed them in the washing machine for 1.5 hours at a temperature of 65 degrees. I mixed the broth in two pots in different shades. If you want the dyeing result to be as even as possible, mix the dye broth well and moisten the dye sufficiently. If there are dry spots on the felt, they will be lighter.

Wool is dyed in looser water, the material to be dyed can be easily moved in the water. Wool is dyed in acid broth. See the paint instructions, often the paint manufacturer recommends adding 5-10 ml / 1 liter of household vinegar to the broth. However, be careful with vinegar, it may change color. The hue is also affected when the vinegar was added. Wear gloves!

After staining, rinse 2-3 times, first with warm and then lukewarm water.

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