Rabbit paws with needle felting

I made a rabbit paw on my felt board by needle felting. In the video you can see how this process went. This process took me about four hours. Paws are… Continue reading Jäniksen tassut neulahuovuttamalla

Felted cord

In the video, I present two ways in which a string could be used.

koristelua lehti huovutusohje

Felt decorative leaves

Suitable for beginners felting instructions for making magazines. Allow about an hour and a little felting wool.

Three ways to sew leather by hand

How to sew leather by hand. I sew the leather parts by hand using different methods. Here are three of them.

Hand dyeing. as a material wool

Level: 🌟
You can use pre-dyed wool for felting, or you can dye it yourself. This video describes the dyeing of wool with reactive dyes. I use powdery paint

“Felted Chick” with a cloth bag

Level: 🌟🌟
Refreshing things to do for both adults and children, and this project doesn’t take much time; n.30min-1h. All the equipment needed for the job can be found in this package.

Three-dimensional work, felting instructions. Bag "Viking"

Level: 🌟🌟
Different felting methods are used in the felting of the bag, such as: massage technique, rolling technique, Nuno felting, barrier felting and pattern decoration with a needle technique.

Pictorial help. Felt bunny instruction

Level: 🌟🌟
The blanket is a wonderful material. It is suitable for making practical and durable toys. Wet felting technology can be used to make eco toys. They become soft and safe for children.

The formula uses felting. Brownie

Level: 🌟🌟
Felting takes place with the formula, the formula must be greater in relation to the final result. Shrinkage

Needle felting. Grasshopper grass

Level: 🌟🌟🌟
In this video you will see how to felt the grass deepening. This can be used on an Easter card, etc.…

Sewing the bottom of the slippers. Finish

Level: 🌟🌟🌟
In the online training (which will be available very soon) I will show you how to make felt slippers in depth. I will also show you how to sew insoles into slippers. This video is one way to stop sewing.

Needle felting. Cat & Slipper

Level: 🌟🌟🌟
In this video, I show my own way of transferring drawings to felt fabrics.

Aging. Hat

Level: 🌟🌟
In this video, I will show you the wetting step with the wet felting technique. The felting step begins after the felting portion when the fibers do not leave by lifting.

Felted string

Level: 🌟
In this video, you will learn how to felt a string that you can use for many different purposes.

huovutusohje, huovutus, miten tehdä huopakivet,

Felting. Stone

Level: 🌟
In this video, I show my own way of making natural-looking smooth felt stones using a variety of fibers.

Felting. Model head

Level: 🌟
If you’re felting a hat, I recommend watching this video on how to make a model head.

Felting. Patterning

Level: 🌟
If you have a felting needle and a little wool, you could already do something convenient and beautiful.

hapsu, hapsureuna, kudonta, käsityö,

Fringe. Guide

Level: 🌟
If you’ve woven or crocheted, here’s a nice fringe video guide for you.

Felting. Bird.

Level: 🌟
Make an Easter decoration bird yourself, by felting. If you were thinking of making your own Easter decorations, here’s a video tutorial for you on how to pin a bird.

Felting. Ball

Level: 🌟
What if you tried to make Christmas decoration balls yourself? Video is so easy. Give it a try!

Felting. Character

Level: 🌟
Learn how to make a Christmas elf with just a blanket and a felting needle. And all you need is a little time!

rinraneula, miten tehdä rintaneulan, how to make a felt brooch, fabric brooch, rintaneula tehdä itse, huoparintaneula, askarteluvinkki huovutus, брошь из войлока, войлочная брошь, как сделать брошь из войлока

Sewing. Brooch with flower

Level: 🌟
You will need the following materials: felt, fastening with a jewelry needle, sewing needle and sewing thread. Allow about 20 minutes.

Felting. Ball

Level: 🌟
A really easy and interesting way to make felt balls.

Felting. Heart

Level: 🌟
Make the felt heart yourself. The video makes felting much easier. Watch more:

miten tehdä huopapallo, huopapallot, huovutus, huopatuotte, huopa, videovinkki, huopapallojen valmistaminen, miten huovuttaa,

Felt ball. Needle felting technique.

Level: 🌟
Felt balls require a felt, felting needle and table stand. Follow with video control.


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Sä oot hyvä!
You're good!
July 16, 2020 12:51 am

Wonderful! I wish I could do the same as you. The animals made by felting are so aaaww.