Pictorial help. Felt bunny instruction

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The blanket is a wonderful material. It is suitable for making practical and durable toys. Wet felting technology can be used to make eco toys. They become soft and safe for children.


  • 100% wool is used

Basic accessories:

  • Desktop protection
  • The towel absorbs the extra water and can be used to dry your hands
  • Mesh fabric. Apply on top of the fibers so that they can be rubbed without breaking the layers
  • Bottle or jug. Use hand-warm water
  • Soap. Olive oil soap is a good option because it is gentle on the hands
  • Plastic is needed for cutting formulas
  • Fabric scissors are needed to cut the felt
  • A sewing needle and thread are also needed to make the toy
  • Use different buttons or other decorations to suit your needs
  • Villa n.100gr. You can use different colored villas
  • A craft batt is used as a filling

In this article, I will give detailed instructions, but if you feel that the felting is not yet fully in place, I recommend taking my basic course. “From beginner to advanced guide step by step how to learn to felt at home”.

If anything is still unclear, comment in the column below!

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