Needle felting. Cat & Slipper

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In this video, I show my own way of transferring drawings to felt fabrics.


You will need a felting pad, felting needle, pencil and paper for the job. In addition, you need a few grams of wool.

Draw an outline on the paper and use a pin to attach it to the slippers. Cut one piece at a time. Fill the cut areas with wool. Take only a small piece of wool at a time! Add different colored wool fibers to the picture. No worries if the drawing looks a little weird at first. It will be good as long as you continue a little longer! Needle felt tightly into your slippers. Wet felt and, if necessary, iron with a suitable heat for the wool.

📚 Wool Drawing Guide. Needle felted board

Grab this book if you want to learn the essential core skills of wool drawing and take your skills to a new level.

The book introduces the materials and tools needed for needle-felted boards and guides you through the steps of needle-felting your pictures. Good instructions and plenty of pictures make the book a great tool for anyone and even a first-time felter.

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