Tyylikkäät ja lämpimät huopikkaat pitkällä varrellaa


Esteettisyys ja käytännöllisyys. Ellunhuopa huopikkaat pitkällä varrella. Käsintehdyt erikoiset huopikkaat kumipohjalla luonnonmukaisista materiaaleista. Huopakenkien kumipohjan etuna on se, että se ei ole talviaikana liukas eikä se kovetu pakkasella.

The making of felt shoes is magic. The shoes are made individually by hand for the customer.

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Stylish and warm blankets made of high quality sheep wool


📌 Warm

📌 Lightweight

📌 With sturdy soles, soft stems

📌 Thick insoles that insulate cold snow

📌 Personalized colors and sizes

📌 100% high quality wool

📌 Stitched insoles

📌 100% handicraft

📌 Stylish and comfortable


Ellunhuopa huopakenkään perusmallilla on vesieristetty kengän alaosa, vahvistettu kantapää, tasainen ja joustava pohja, varsi on pehmeä. Ellunhuopa kengillä tallustellessa tuntuma on vähän kuin kävelisi paljain jaloin, sillä ne sallivat alaraajan toimia luonnollisella tavalla. Huopikkaat on helppo laittaa jalkaan.⠀
Huopakenkien valmistuksessa on käytetty laadukasta villaa ja muita korrestelukuituja tavittaessa. Nämä jalkineet ovat kevyet ja mukavat jalassa.

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Warm adult felt shoes with a rubber sole

To make a shoe, I need a few dimensions:

A- measures from toe to heel

The width of the B-leg is measured from edge to edge

C-ankle circumference

Or choose a shoe size from the table:

Choose a color from our color chart:#tilaustyö #väri #käsityö #hattu #lahja #uniikki #paraslahja #hat #wool #felt #lahjaksi #talvi #joululahja

Hinta riippuu mallista, kuvista  ja koosta, alkaen 395 € + toimituskulut. Tuote toimitetaan postin välityksellä Kuopion Palonurmesta. Voit myös tulla hakemaan itse. 

Katso lisää nettikaupastani huopikkaat lyhyellä varrella

#sebatossut & #jaskatossut

Contact me and we will plan together:


This product comes with a one year warranty.

A few facts about felt blankets that you may not know yet.
  • 1️⃣ Made entirely of high quality sheep wool, which makes it possible to create a sustainable product. Mankind has been making woolen garments for millennia, and still with the development of many synthetic materials, it has not lost its relevance.
  • 2️⃣ All footwear has double non-slip soles. Glue and sew the soles by hand.
  • 3️⃣ There are many breeds of sheep in the world with varying wool thicknesses. For the manufacture of footwear, wool not thinner than 24 minkons must be chosen.
  • An average of 12 slippers can be obtained with 4 to 5 kilos of sheep's wool.
  • 5️⃣ Sheep wool is one of the few natural materials whose properties scientists have still not been able to imitate with synthetic analogues. So still the warmest socks are just wool socks.
  • 6️⃣ Thanks to the special flaky structure of the fibers, natural wool has the ability to repel dirt and stay clean for a long time.


Felt shoe care instructions.

Ecological wool has been used in the production of felt shoes. In felt shoes, wool is hand-treated into a sturdy fabric. Wool has been used in the manufacture of shoes for hundreds of years and is still a popular material today.

The villa naturally repels dirt, so it does not require special maintenance. However, I will give you a few tips.

You can remove small dirt by dry cleaning, for example by wiping with a brush.

I only recommend wet washing if there is a lot of dirt. Wash gently by hand with warm water. (about 30 degrees) Use a detergent suitable for wool. Rinsing is also done with hand-warm water. Using hot water as well as hard rubbing will cause the shoes to shrink. Wool must not be washed with aggressive detergents or bleaches.

After washing, straighten the felt shoes and recommend filling the shoes with paper or newspaper. It is worth doing so that the felt shoes do not shrink. Shoes should be dried in a place where the air circulates and the sun does not shine directly on the shoes.

We hope the above tips help you keep your shoes in good condition for years to come and enjoy the things you own.



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