Stay home and make art

Korona launched new quarantines. Yes, now is the time for what it is… Use your time! Meanwhile, when some buy grocery stores empty, others do something smart and nice.

You know that felting has a therapeutic effect that gives you a peaceful feeling of well-being!

Visit my online store and choose the right course for you appropriate course 

Teaching takes place online, so there is no need to go anywhere. Nowadays, it is extremely important!

Please use discount code 60%: smart.

Coupon expiration date: March 31, 2020.

Comment YES or NO if you are interested in e-learning. If I gather enough crowds, I will organize a webinar and share my skills with you. You can also write what you would like to learn.

Everyone has their own motives and ways to help others. My job in this world is to help people’s well-being through art.

You can find more information about me here >>

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