My goal for 2022

Thank you for this year. Somehow it’s pretty crazy to think how fast this year rushed past me. However, it was full of interesting events. At the end of the year, it's good to look back. What we did, where we succeeded, what we practice again. Have you already started summarizing the results of the year?

New year, new beginning. That's what they said.

Now is the time to start over, from scratch. When I see around me that many people are setting concrete goals for the new year and planning what they want to achieve, I am confused. Not a sensible goal comes to mind in my head. What is the reason? Don't I really have goals? Why can't I come up with anything? I listened to myself carefully and realized I didn’t want anything concrete. I know something good is coming and I don’t want to limit the universe. It has more imagination about me than I have about it.

Achieving is not the goal. The most important thing to me is the state of being I want to be in. Feelings I want to experience.

This year I will focus on the areas of life balance, space, harmony, serenity and enjoyment. I feel good, so that doesn’t mean I’ll do less work or make my job easier. I plan to do the work in a different state, with a sense of fulfillment and joy. I listen even better to my body and my desires.

Every choice is a small step. Our lives are made up of small steps. We make choices every day! We choose to get up early in the morning or sleep a little longer. We choose whether we eat a bun or a salad. We learn something new or watch a movie. Our lives today consist of choices made in the past. Have our choices led to the goals we have chosen? If not, why do we choose them?

Be attentive to yourself, take care of yourself and your desires! Be calm, because in silence you can hear your inner song.

To reach a goal

In our world today, it is customary to set goals. We will be considered successful if we achieve them. We feel successful, worthy of love and attention. However… This year I did not achieve all the goals I set:
-I haven't finished my wool painting online course.
-I haven't had an exhibition of my work
-I haven't created a wall calendar with my felt paintings. I wanted to but I didn't!

And do you know what…. It's OK! It is absolutely okay to set big goals and not achieve them. Goals are only needed to set the direction of development, because goals show what interests you right now. Whether you have achieved your goal or not, this should not stop you from feeling important and loved. Success can by no means be a criterion for love for yourself. This cannot determine an attentive and gentle attitude towards oneself. No need to earn love! I don’t have to earn love through external factors. I don’t blame or belittle myself for not doing something.

I turn around and look at myself, I give myself good luck. I choose to be independent of external circumstances. I hope you too will choose yourself and fill your life with happiness.

And how are you? How do you feel when you don’t achieve the goals you set?

💚 Halaus 💚


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