Want to know the secret to my success?

People often ask me when I meet them, "Is there enough work?"

Yes, that's enough! There is as much work as I want / can do. To get to this point, I have come a very long way. I am constantly learning new things to improve my knowledge. But it doesn’t just end with knowledge. Without training, nothing happens.

Did I believe 10 years ago that I would succeed here? Honestly - no. BUT! I didn’t sit down, I took a step forward to the goal. I am human and worried at first, hesitant and sometimes resentful. My husband reassured me with one sentence: “Don’t recuperate, let’s see in 10 years! All in time! ”

Now I am at this point and I have a right to be happy with what I have. I am grateful to myself, my destiny, my client and my student.

Want to know the secret to my success?

One thing that prevents most people from living a full life is fear of the unknown.

However, imagine the incredible possibilities that open up before us as we let go of our fear into the unknown! I, too, could have feared starting my own business and failing. There is always uncertainty about starting a new thing, it is quite normal. But still worth a try!

When you walk down a dark street by a flashlight, you won’t see your entire path! The road is lighted only where you are and a little in front of you. However, that doesn’t stop you from continuing your journey towards the unknown.
So I too dared to move towards my goal, constantly learning new knowledge, sometimes I fell and got up again. When I got up, I was already much stronger.

In recent years, I have developed my own way of organizing my business. I have learned to understand my innermost being better. I have studied wool from many directions and am familiar with felting properly. I am looking for my own identity. I look for my own strengths and highlight them. Want to know the secret to my success?

At first, I had the illusion that it was enough for me to be able to make products well. Other skills are needed to run a successful business. I had no business information. In addition, language skills were completely lacking. When I said that completely, it means just that! I made a business plan in English.

Another equally important thing I’ve learned is: YOU GET THE RIGHT THAT YOU BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE TO YOU.
If you believe you will succeed, you will surely succeed. If you don’t think so, it’s better not to start. Recently, my view has changed. Now I am not trying to achieve a certain goal with the help of ready-made formulas, I am also learning to enjoy the journey. I am a walker of my own. I hope you find your own life path and the courage to move forward boldly.

What do I have in common with a flower growing through the asphalt?

Establishing a successful company in Finland is as difficult as flowering seedlings through the asphalt. Especially if you were born in another country. I, like this flower, didn’t stop with the words “I can’t,” but I did my job calmly and regularly toward the goal. A person always has a choice, and the point at which a person is now is due to his or her previous choices.


A successful person is tenacious. He moves forward, though he is afraid. He understands that life is constantly evolving. And I tried to break through the asphalt. I worked hard and was proud of it. I wanted to earn the right to live. I wanted to be better every day than yesterday. Of course, I haven’t worked in vain all these 10 years. I have learned and achieved a lot. This spring, however, I realized I had forgotten myself at work.

I thought so:
Elena Bondar = Ellunhuapa

It's a delusion. I'm more than just a felting master. All summer I learned to get to know myself again. I liked what I saw in myself. The whole world is inside me! The research journey continues! I first learn to think about myself and only then about my work. I have a simple logic: Tired Ellu doesn’t benefit people. If I am WELL - I can be useful to myself and many others. Resources are the most important thing! Maybe one day I’ll tell you what I did to achieve this state. And now I hope you learn to listen to yourself and be happy.

Your strengths… How do I find them?

In order to be a confident person, you need to recognize your strengths. When you are in a difficult situation, you need to trust your strengths. Where do you find these strengths? Here's a tip for finding them:

1. What qualities have helped you succeed somewhere? For example, you are very happy and you get friends to gather around you very easily. Or you did well in school because you were very determined and independent. Look closely, you will definitely have strengths and they can help you.

2. What are you proud of yourself? When you think about your winnings, you feel stronger. If you start comparing yourself to others, you will lose your power. Did you get your first salary as a child? Or did you get a driver's license for the first time? Did you win sports competitions as a child? Great! All this things are important! Write them down so you don't forget!

3. What does the world thank you for? Where do you get paid or what were you praised for? For example, you know how to dress beautifully, or you know how to make delicious food. Or maybe your friends want to share their experiences with you and know how to find solutions.

Look for your strengths and understand yourself more. You will then learn to find strength in yourself. You move boldly forward to the goal and don’t get stuck in what isn’t so important. Don’t focus on your weaknesses, but strengthen your strengths. For example, you are a creative person and a good craftsman, but you are weak in designing machines, equipment, and production lines. You don’t have to become a bad engineer! Become an even better craftsman! Strengthen your strengths, don't focus on your weaknesses!

A walker of his own

I hear quite often, “I’m not quite a beginner as a felter, but I still doubt I’m doing it right…” From the conversation with the students, I’m surprised by one of the repeated answers. Some students have felted for many years, but they still feel like a beginner. This is very understandable because they do not know the criteria for good quality work against which they can judge themselves. No one can answer whether I am doing it right or not. So they are insecure. I remember this feeling myself well. It took me many years to study the properties of wool, but it takes much less time for my students. In my courses, you will consistently learn how to make high quality and beautiful products.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to felt wool and you find a spark to learn more, I invite you to my felting training. Choose the appropriate course from my website.

As you learn more about the possibilities of wool, you can make the wool products of your dreams come true.

New training will start soon: Felt Handbook. Thin, durable and attractive felt fabric. Start date 9/11/2021

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