Needle felting or wet felting?

What technology do I use to make products?

The answer is; quite a lot! I don’t want to limit my activity using just a few methods.

I'll tell you more using this pillow…

koira, huovutus, huopa, käsityö, koiran kuva, koiran tauluWith the wet felting technique, I was able to make a pillowcase using carded wool. Wet felting is a method of felting that can be used to make durable and unique textiles using soap and water. When the felt fabric dries, I move on to the next step, needle felting. The needle of the felting machine is used for needle felting. This step takes the most time, but the end result is sweet! The patterning can easily take 10 hours.

Only by combining wet and needle felting techniques can I get a really comfortable and personal product, which is why I teach both techniques in Ellunhuopa online training “From beginner to advanced, step-by-step instructions on how to learn to felt at home”.  At the same time, I will tell you how to attach the pattern to a felt cloth to make it an easy-to-use itchy decoration element.

Is felting difficult?

Not if you know what to do. You can’t jump on the back of a bike and go for a ride if you haven’t tried it once before. The same here, little by little, the felting skill grows and goes better. Just by doing you learn.

huovutus, tyyny, sisustus, maalaishenkinen sisustus, maalaishenkinen koti, maalaishenkinen tyyny

After that, I move on to the sewing phase, i.e. I reinforce the edges and sew the buttons. Because the blanket is a 100% natural material, I really rarely use plastic buttons. I make them myself, using strong leather. I can offer leather buttons for others as well.

huovutus, tyyny, ellunhuopa, ellun huopa, sisustus, maalaishenkinen sisustus, maalaishenkinen koti, maalaishenkinen tyyny

I am lucky because I get to do what I love every day. I get joy by doing what the other wants and hopes.

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