How do colors affect our lives?

In summer, nature is full of different colors, but do you know how colors affect our lives? What do we know about colors?

I already made a post about how choose the right colors for your clothes, but just recently I learned something new that made me look at this from a completely different perspective.

värit, värin tarkoitus, Результаты поиска Näin vaatteidesi värit vaikuttavat

Colors have a really big impact on people. What is the reason for choosing your color? What do we pay attention to when we buy clothes? I am happy to introduce Lidia Surinan, A Siberian doctor of natural products and a Russian author who has written several books on human health.

What do he think “colors” are?

When we get dressed orange, our lungs and thyroid gland improve. It heals broken bones and elevates the state of being. Depression is cured by orange or lime. Blue relieves pain from muscle cramps, improves gastric function. When you want peace or privacy, dress up blue, light blue or green. Clothes should possibly be loose. Red helps boost immunity and treat inflammation. Yellow strengthen kindness and good heartfelt. As Lidia says, it’s best not to dress to brown for nothing. It affects the way your liver works. Black impairs hormone function. White the color is a shield that reflects negative energy away.

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