“Felted Chick” with a cloth bag

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Needle felting ideas.

See tips for Easter crafts!

Refreshing things to do for both adults and children, and this project doesn’t take much time; n.30min-1h. All the equipment needed for the job can be found from this package.

The product becomes usable if it is felted on a cloth. It is a personal gift. In the video, I felt the chick in a linen bag. The felting tray comes inside it. With this felting needle the work is going well!

📚 Wool Drawing Guide. Needle felted board

Grab this book if you want to learn the essential core skills of wool drawing and take your skills to a new level.

The book introduces the materials and tools needed for needle-felted boards and guides you through the steps of needle-felting your pictures. Good instructions and plenty of pictures make the book a great tool for anyone and even a first-time felter.

Book a book for yourself >>

If anything is still unclear, comment in the column below!

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pirkko taimi
Buy seedling
March 27, 2018 1:19 pm

Absolutely wonderful chick felting help! Appropriately quick to do even before Easter. There is also sackcloth. Thanks for the help and Happy Easter!