In the Viking country

Haavel has long been visiting the Viking land in the Lofoten, the fjords and getting to know the Viking crafts.

We went with the family to Sweden and from there we continued to Norway. We had a tent, a kettle and sleeping bags as camping equipment.

The first night in Sweden was spent between Kiruna and Abisko in a beautiful resting place.

On the way to Lofoten we stopped in Bjervig and were amazed at the warmth of the water. A local said the water in the Fjord in Bjervik is really warm because many rivers descend into it that are shallow. Tunnels, mountains, at the height of clouds everywhere, serpentine roads… really different compared to Finnish nature and beautiful scenery all day long.


In the evening we arrived at a handsome place called Haukland beach. There was a paid camp area on the other side of the tunnel, but before that there was free access to a lovely sandy beach where we then put our camp. There was also a toilet, as well as mountain water, which was to be used for cooking, as well as for quick washing.

Another day went on a nature hike. Next door are a couple of tubers, one of which was lower but more breathtaking. We went to the top of it with the whole family. Its height is 489m. In the evening I then went to a slightly higher mountain with my husband. The peak of the mountain was 964m. It took 3 hours at a calm pace. It was a pity that it was cloudy, and the view was behind the fog.


The next day was spent at the Viking Museum: Lofotr. I became acquainted with many craftsmen, as well as numerous products. At that time, there was an annual Viking festival event that brings together all the people interested in the theme. I went to a leather workshop, tried a traditional Viking bed, sat at a banquet table, and shot with a bow, and predicted the future according to Viking customs.



On the way back I would go to Kilpisjärvi and hike along Saanatunturi.



The feelings from this trip will remain for a long time to come and it looks like I’m not the only one in this family who thinks! I WARMLY RECOMMEND!

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